Kenneth Meyer, Esq.

Mediator • Conflict Resolution Specialist


"Ken Meyer is the rare lawyer who is equal parts smart, sensitive and sound. His ability to get to the bottom of a dispute by seeing all sides of an issue is enriched by his keen intellect and knowledge of the law. Ken has always been the person I go to when I'm in a pinch and I won't hesitate to call upon him to resolve my cases which need a mediator with vast experience in the law and, most importantly, in life."

Shawn Holley, Partner, Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Holley LLP, Santa Monica

"Ken Meyer's extensive experience and background in both handling cases as defense counsel for corporations and in representing injured parties as plaintiffs' counsel gives him a unique and extremely beneficial perspective as a mediator. I have worked both with and against him in cases, and have always appreciated his professionalism, his knowledge of the law, and his ability to evaluate cases."

Brian J. Panish, Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, Los Angeles.

"Ken Meyer has all the qualities of a great mediator: he understands people, he is quick to understand the issues in a case, and he really knows the law. Even more important, he is incredibly patient and persistent, highly creative, and has unparalleled integrity."

Deborah Chang, Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, Los Angeles.

Ken Meyer has asked if I would recommend him as a mediator. I am pleased to do so. Ken and I have mediated many cases together over the past 10 years...he as counsel, me as mediator. For several years now he has been planning a significant career change into full time mediation. I have encouraged him to follow his heart and passion. Ken will be a terrific mediator. He is bright, energetic, tenacious and creative. I believe him to be a mediator who will not give up trying to resolve the conflict. My suggestion is to give Ken a try...especially on those cases where others have failed. You won't be sorry!

–Judge William Sheffield

I am proud to provide a testimonial in support of Ken and his expertise in mediation. During my tenure as Managing Director of Risk Management at FedEx Ground I worked with Ken in resolving a number of claims with significant exposure. Ken's knowledge, skill and his professional demeanor generated excellent results on a consistent basis.

– Bob Milane, Esq.
Vice President Risk Management
Roadrunner Transportation Systems