Kenneth Meyer, Esq.

Mediator • Conflict Resolution Specialist

Kenneth Meyer, Esq.

Mediator • Conflict Resolution Specialist


Mediation Resolves Conflicts

Mediation settles cases.  I have an average settlement rate of approximatley 80% either during the Mediation session or within 60 days thereafter.  I will follow up on matters that do not settle during the Mediation session for up to 60 days and have found that settlement can often be achieved without scheduling an additional mediation session. My experience in representing litigants is 50% plaintiff and 50% defendants. This provides me with knowledge of the needs of all parties. 

Mediation is one of the most constructive tools for conflict resolution. Conflicts are a natural part of living and present an opportunity for growth and a new level of understanding and achievement for the participants. I believe that successful conflict resolution comes about when all parties are willing and open to allowing guidance in joint participation in the piecing together of the jigsaw puzzle presented.

Each participant should have the chance to see that it is in their own best interest to move into an area of exploration of their own responsibility in creating, promoting, or allowing the events that formed the conflict or dispute and then offer their own creative solutions thus providing a space for “outside the box” results, thus allowing an opportunity for the solution to come from the participants themselves. I have over 12 years of post graduate training in counseling and conflict resolution ( in addition to the practice of law) and thereby can explore the use of the various idiosyncratic issues presented by the parties as tools towards conflict resolution and, thereby, settlement of the matter.

An Experienced Mediator

My experience as a mediator and lawyer provide a great resource for “facilitative” and “evaluative” mediation when the process calls for it. Often the mediations start with the transformative approach and then evolve into additional modes in order to provide settlement. However, I believe in providing an opportunity for “transformative mediation” as a style as it provides the greatest opportunity for a creative structure to the goal of settlement.


There are multiple mediation locations available throughout  Southern California and the Central Coast

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Oxnard, CA  93031

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